Twitter shuts down bots pushing pro-Saudi message

Twitter has suspended a network of accounts that appeared to be pushing pro-Saudi messages about the Jamal Khashoggi scandal, a person familiar with the situation told CNN Friday. The accounts were behaving like typical spam accounts, the person said, adding that Twitter had been aware of them for some time. Twitter said it has no evidence the […]

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US teen is new Tetris world champion

A 16-year-old boy from California was the surprise winner of the grand final of the Classic Tetris World Championship in Oregon. The iconic block stacking computer game is 13 years older than him. Joseph Saelee beat Jonas Neubauer, who has won seven times in the tournament’s eight-year history. He told the BBC he had started […]

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Survey Reveals Many Americans Do Not Know Who Owns WhatsApp – Do You?

After Cambridge Analytica, the #deletefacebook movement gained momentum due to the rise in the public’s distrust in Facebook. Consequently, Facebook users began abandoning the service either partly or wholly. According to research published by the Pew Research Centre last month, a significant ratio of Facebook users belonging to different age groups started off to “reframe their relations” with the […]

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Another US Voters Data Leak Via Tea Party PAC Misconfigured S3 Bucket

We already know of several instances where Amazon S3 buckets have leaked data. However, this time, the news comes as another blow to US voters. As discovered, the Tea Party PAC (or the Tea Party Patriots Citizen Fund (TPPCF)) publicly exposed around half a million US voters data through its Amazon S3 bucket. Thankfully, TPPCF has […]

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10 Early Hackers From Before The Invention Of The Home Computer

Hackers have been around for a lot longer than you might think. It didn’t start with the Internet—people have been breaking codes and hacking into networks for as long as it’s been possible. Long before computers, hackers were already around, breaking into phone networks, punch-card machines, and even into telegraphs. Some hackers plied their skills for profit, […]

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A Brief History of Computer Hacking

Computer hackers have existed almost as long as computers In fact, “hackers” have been in existence for more than a century. In 1878, just two years after the telephone was invented by Alexander Graham Bell, a group of teenage boys hired to run the switchboards were kicked off of a telephone system in New York. The […]

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The Biggest Organism on Earth Is Dying, and It’s Our Fault

The heaviest organism on Earth isn’t a whale or an elephant. It’s a tree—or rather, a system of over 40,000 clonal trees, all connected by their roots. Pando, a 13 million pound organism in central Utah, is believed to have sprouted toward the end of the last Ice Age. But after thousands of years of […]

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At Intel’s headquarters in Santa Clara, California, I got the chance to see the development process for two prototype devices that could be an early look at what might be coming next for computers. They’re dual-screen tablets that are unlike anything that’s on the market today, but they’re also very far from being finished products […]

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35 Million Records Of US Voters Data For Sale On The Dark Web

After repeated hacking attempts and data breach incidents, it seems hackers have succeeded in gathering a worthy chunk of data. Pilfered from 19 states, millions of records from the US voters data was allegedly found for sale on the dark web by two cybersecurity firms. One of these threat intelligent firms has revealed the details […]

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Check Yourself Before You Buy Exciting Tech You Don’t Really Need

Everybody wants the new shiny thing. But in the world of business, the next hot piece of tech or game-shaking idea may not be what’s best for your company. While some projects can benefit nearly every company, the majority will only aid those who put the legwork into making them truly fit your organizational needs. […]

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